What’s New?

So, what’s the new in The New Vegan Family?

I am a relatively new vegan mom–my daughter is 18 months old.

While I’ve been vegan for awhile, being a parent adds a new wrinkle to it. I didn’t anticipate the fear of judgment that I’d feel for raising a child vegan. I also didn’t anticipate how much more passionate having a child would make me about veganism–I look at her and realize I want to help create a world where people are kind to the earth and animals.

I am newly pregnant with my second child–in my second trimester.

I’d like to share what I’ve learned about pregnancy, pregnancy loss, birth, and everything else that goes along with creating a new life.

I want to help those who are new to parenthood, veganism, or both.

This hasn’t always been easy for me–parenthood or veganism–and I often found myself searching for support (usually at 2 am, when the baby wasn’t sleeping). I’d like to offer that support to anyone, whether they are vegan or just looking to eat less animal products.

Writing this is a new journey for me.

I hope you’ll come along.